Authorized transport company

ICB A / S network is authorized to operate a temporary agency for drivers. The authorization applies to both our danish and foreign companies.

Our services

Our services include, for example:

  • Liner shipping
  • Driver hire

Contact us to discuss which services ICB A/S can offer your company

Traditional hiring of drivers for lorries

​The haulage contractor uses our drivers for various tasks, for example:

  • ​Short periods in the event of sickness, short-term peak periods etc.
  • Permanent agreements for the occasional manning of vehicles, for example, in cases where the vehicle is not able to “sustain” a full-time driver.


Outsourcing of manning tasks

As the vast majority of our drivers come from other European countries and, using our unique driver concept, we can often help haulage contractors with profitable individual solutions, which may involve:

  • Driver administration
  • Contact with drivers
  • Non-stop Trucking

Often, these solutions can improve a haulage contractor’s competitiveness in the form of:

  • Savings in resources for the recruitment of personnel and personnel administration
  • Flexible employment according to requirements and seasonal fluctuations
  • Improved utilisation of equipment

Our drivers are employed on fully legal contracts with the necessary insurance. All applicable regulations relating to driving-rest periods are complied with.



Mortensgade 33,
​9440 Aabybro

CBR: (+45) 20082542


Thus, we are one of the few Danish temporary employment agents that is able to offer foreign drivers for lorry transportation in Denmark.

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