International logistics and transport tasks

ICB A/S is a Danish company with a large branch in Padborg.

Our services

Our services include, for example:

  • Liner shipping
  • Driver hire


Contact us to discuss which services ICB A/S can offer your company

Specialist tasks

We have experience in providing specialist services in the field of commercial transportation – including with Danish drivers.

Contact Benny Nielsen directly on the telephone so we can discuss your requirements and options.

Therefore, we can offer Danish companies local services in the form of:

  • Replacement drivers in the event of holidays, sickness or maternity leave
  • Permanent manning agreements whereby we take care of the recruitment for, administration and permanent manning of the vehicles (Danish or foreign drivers by agreement)
  • Logistics tasks
  • Overall solutions whereby we take responsibility for all transport tasks (Outsourcing)

In Denmark, we can also offer these services to companies outside the transport industry, for example:

  • Companies with their own vehicles who are looking to outsource the manning aspect (Drivers)
  • Companies with permanent distribution agreements who wish to outsource the entire distribution function, including the operation of vehicles (Drivers and vehicles)
  • Companies with permanent distribution agreements who are seeking an overall solution, including handling of the logistics function (Drivers, vehicles and logistics)

Operations office

Istedvej 15
DK-6330 Padborg


Tel: +45 70 26 26 10​



Mortensgade 33,
​9440 Aabybro

CBR: (+45) 20082542


Thus, we are one of the few Danish temporary employment agents that is able to offer foreign drivers for lorry transportation in Denmark.

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