Besides transportation, we offer a wide range of other services.

These services are often based on one or more of our core services, which are:

  • Manning agreements – Read more about our advantageous manning agreements
  • Non-stop concept – Read more about our efficient non-stop concept

The services we provide can also encompass:

  • Equipment (for example, rental or leasing)
  • Training (personnel)
  • Logistics tasks
  • Total solutions whereby we take care of all transportation tasks (Outsourcing)

These services are also offered to companies outside the haulage industry

– for example:

  • Companies with their own vehicles wishing to outsource the manning aspects (Drivers)
  • Companies with permanent distribution agreements wishing to outsource the entire distribution function, including the operation of trucks (Drivers and trucks)
  • Companies with permanent distribution agreements seeking a total solution, including performance of the logistics function (Drivers, trucks and logistics)