Unique driver concept

The focal point for ICB A/S is a special driver concept which, in all its simplicity, is based on the premise that the truck is on the road all the time with different drivers.

The first driver drives the truck to one of the fixed driver destinations, where another driver is standing by to take over the journey and continue the transportation to the next driver destination.

This Non-Stop concept continues until the consignment being transported has reached the recipient and therefore results in the absolute quickest transportation times that can be achieved under the applicable rules.

Advantages of the Non-Stop concept

Competitive advantages
Our customers can use the rapid transportation times as a sales argument when it comes to their own customers.

Administrative savings
Our concept means that no account has to be taken of driving/rest times when they are calculating transportation times and drawing up logistics plans.

Local drivers
Even though we use alternating drivers on our trucks, it will often be the same driver who meets the customers when loading and unloading.

Safe transport
The risk of robbery and theft of cargo is reduced as our trucks only stop in lay-bys for very short periods and the driver is always awake.