Permanent employment

One of the most important differences between ICB and many of our competitors is that our drivers are permanently employed and, of course, remunerated in accordance with local regulations and agreements in force in the country in question. Thus, a driver’s job with us is not a temporary replacement job, but rather permanent employment.

As our local drivers mainly drive locally, a driver’s job with ICB A/S often fits in better with a traditional family life than other driver’s jobs.


Arranged insurance

ICB A/S always makes sure that our drivers have the necessary insurance for sickness and injuries at work.


In partnership with our drivers, training plans will be drawn up which ensure that we are able, even in the future, to fulfil our customers’ wishes with regard to qualifications of a high professional standard.



ICB A/S places great emphasis on the safety of its drivers while they are on the road. We strive to achieve this safety through well-organised employment conditions, the opportunity for overnight accommodation at our destinations and ongoing dialogue.