Road haulage company
- that operates throughout the whole of Europe

Are you looking for an experienced and professional haulage company?

With a unique and efficient driver concept, ICB A/S can offer truck transportation for companies all over Europe - Quickly and efficiently.

Via our Non-stop concept, we can offer transportation with optimal journey times and international courier transportation for haulage companies and other undertakings requiring additional capacity – not to mention at a great price.

We have many years’ experience with transportation services, such as:

  • Trucking
  • Liner shipping
  • Time-critical transport
  • Air Cargo
  • Ship Supply

from Scandinavia to the rest of Europe.

Manning of trucks

We offer manning services to other haulage companies.

Hauliers use our haulage company for a variety of tasks, for example:

  • Permanent agreements on the manning of trucks
  • Replacement drivers for short periods

Our drivers are permanently employed by ICB under local regulations and agreements.

Through our driver concept, and as the vast majority of the drivers come from other European countries, we can often assist haulage contractors with profitable, individual solutions, which may involve, for instance:

  • Driver administration
  • Contact with drivers
  • Non-Stop Trucking

Often, these solutions can improve hauliers’ competitiveness in the form of:

  • Savings in resources for the recruitment of personnel and personnel administration
  • Flexible employment according to requirements and seasonal fluctuations
  • Improved utilisation of equipment

Our drivers are employed on fully legal contracts with the necessary insurance coverage. All applicable regulations relating to driving/rest periods are complied with.