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We have extensive experience in providing specialist services in the field of commercial transportation.

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Non stop


Our Non-Stop Driver concept provides the absolute quickest transport times that can be provided under the applicable rules. It also makes for an extremely efficient use of equipment.

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Efficient transportation throughout Europe.

With a unique and efficient driver concept, ICB A/S can carry out your transportation tasks and meet your staffing requirements for other companies in the transport industry.

Own transport company

Via our transportation division, ICB Trucking, we are able to offer transportation with optimal journey times and international courier transport for both companies and other haulage firms requiring extra capacity.

Approved temporary employment agency

ICB A/S has been approved to operate a temporary employment agency for drivers. Our drivers are permanently employed by ICB A/S in accordance with local regulations and agreements.



Mortensgade 33,
​9440 Aabybro

CBR: (+45) 20082542


Thus, we are one of the few Danish temporary employment agents that is able to offer foreign drivers for lorry transportation in Denmark.

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